Gareth Emmett, Director

Heading up our major accounts across all sectors covered at Cranleigh Scientific. Specialises in executive search projects

Gareth has been a central figure at Cranleigh Scientific since its inception in 2001. Over this period he has developed a strong working knowledge of the scientific sector, working with companies ranging from major blue chip multinationals to SMEs and placing candidates into positions from entry to senior management level.

His goal is to ensure Cranleigh Scientific offers both candidates and clients a quality, consultative and honest approach to the recruitment process with the aim of building long term mutually benefiting working relationships.


“Gareth recruited me for the position of post-doctoral researcher for Dimbleby Cancer Care at King’s College London. He provided me with a great deal of advice both in preparation for the job interview, for the position itself and throughout my contract. I have personally recommended Gareth and Cranleigh Scientific to several colleagues and will do so again in the future.”  L.G

“Gareth was my account manager when I worked as a Locum Scientist for Cranleigh Scientific in a number of roles, namely at Sara Lee and Firmenich. Gareth put me on the right track of my career, he advised me not only as a senior but also as a friend, he always made me make the right descision. His career advice is second to none and always gave the best advice to me in favour of me and not for himself. I highly recommed Gareth for his excellence in the field of recruitment and know anybody who will work with him or under him will benifit themselves in the long run. I Thank-you Gareth.”  S.C

A bit more about Gareth…

Favourite hobbies: Football, cooking, mowing the lawn!

Dream job as a child: Train Driver

My chosen subject on mastermind would be: The works of Oasis

At the weekend you’ll find me: Chasing the tails of my two children!

Thank you for all the effort that you went to in order to make it possible for me to accept an offer from a company such as Biocompatibles. I have had a lot of experience with recruitment agencies and it's not unusual for them to make you feel less confident about one's abilities and therefore job potential. Not only were you professional but you made me feel that I had the qualifications, personality and experience to get a position that I wanted.