Laurence Emmett, Director

Heads up all back office functions across the business, including finance, legal, marketing, HR and business development

Laurence’s primary goal is to ensure Cranleigh is fully supported operationally throughout its expansion; his experience of working at management level for the fastest growing recycling company in the UK has provided crucial insight into the growth pains experienced by fast growing SME’s.

He aims to achieve this whilst ensuring the company culture at Cranleigh is fresh, exciting and entrepreneurial, whilst obviously underpinned by our core business values.

What people say about Laurence

“Laurence is one of the very best employees I have had the pleasure to have worked with. He is honest, hardworking, loyal, professional, dedicated and relaible. He possesses a good team spirit, has a sense of humour and applies decisions with developed intellect.
Laurence is good – very good – quite possibly the best!”  Richard Brown

A bit more about Laurence…

Dream Job as a child: F1 racing driver

Favourite hobbies: Tennis, football, keeping fit at the gym, play fighting with my little boy, watching box sets with my wife

My chosen subject on mastermind would be: Jeremy Clarkson & Top Gear

If I could teleport anywhere it would be to: The nearest planet with life, I’d love to be the first to see an alien!

I just wanted to say that you have been extremely helpful and professional throughout the whole process of job-hunting. I appreciate your calls and e-mails and also your text message on the day of the second interview. I would recommend you to anyone.